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Critical Stages of Biblical Counseling,Jay E. Adams


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Critical Stages of Biblical Counseling (Book/ Hardcover)

by Jay E. Adams

Product Overview

A companion volume to Competent to Counsel and The Christian Counselor's Manual. This trilogy (in one volume) is a practical guide for novice and experienced counselors alike. Jay Adams introduces many matters that he has either not mentioned elsewhere or has treated only superficially. This book takes the reader through the actual process of dealing with matters encountered in the three most important sessions in great detail: how to conduct these sessions what temptations and dangers you are most likely to face what to do when you fail.

Getting Started: The First Session of Biblical Counseling

What you do in the first session will set the tone for waht follows -- for good or for ill. it will help the counselee to gain confidence in your ministry to him and -- what is of greater importance -- in the Word of God and the God of the Word.

Breaking Through: The Turning Point of Biblical Counseling

There is a newness in counseling that comes from "turning a corner," experiencing a "breakthrough," or "getting over the hump." The turning point is counseling sessions, then, is that point at which the counselor sees the beginning of appreciable, observable change -- a change of knowledge, of understanding, of determination, of conviction, or of committment. The turning point is crucial because thre Christian change -- of the sort that alone pleases God -- always involves a closer approximation of the thoughts and the life of the counselee to the "thoughts" and the "ways" of God as these are set forth in the Bible.

Finishing Well: the Termination of Biblical Counseling

This final book in the trilogy concerns all those basic issues that have to do with closing out a series of counseling sessions -- how you know when to do so, how you do it, how you can make certain that you have done the right thing, and how you may follow up.

About the Author(s)

Jay E. Adams

For over 40 years Dr. Jay Adams has been calling God’s people back from their dalliance with unbiblical psychological theory to a renewed confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit and the sufficiency of God’s Word to equip the man of God to help his people with problems of living and relationship. Happily, many have heeded his call and over the years a movement, both deep and wide, has developed, consisting of pastors and other Christian workers who have been trained in and are practicing the kind of truly biblical counseling God intended for His people to receive. Jay Edward Adams was born in Baltimore on January 30, 1929 and was born again about 15 years later in response to the reading of a New Testament that was given to him by a friend. He received his formal training at Reformed Episcopal Seminary (B.D.), Johns Hopkins University (A.B.), Pittsburgh-Xenia Seminary, Temple University School of Theology (M.ST.), and the University of Missouri (Ph.D.). He pastored churches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, served as a denominational official, a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary, the director of the Doctoral program at Westminster Theological Seminary in California, and then as a church planting pastor in South Carolina. He was also the founder of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation in Philadelphia, the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors, and Timeless Texts which now publishes his books. In 1999 Dr. Adams retired from the pastorate of the church he had planted in South Carolina and has devoted his time to writing and lecturing. In the fall of 2001 the Redeemer Biblical Counseling Training Institute (RBCTI) was established at the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Moore, SC to provide a vehicle by which Dr. Adams could continue teaching.

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Category: Christian Living

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Date Published: Jul 04, 2009

Language: English

ISBN: 9781889032306

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