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You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise,Joel Salatin


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You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise (Book/ Paperback)

by Joel Salatin

Product Overview

For all the wannabes and newbies, this book is subtitled: "The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start and Succeed in a Farming Enterprise." A veritable compendium of information, Joel pulls from his eclectic sphere of knowledge, combines it with a half century of farming experience, and covers as many topics as he can think of that will affect the success of a farming venture. He offers his 10 best picks for profitable ventures, and the 10 worst. He covers insurance, record keeping, land acquisition, and equipment. Some people have suggested the title should just be "You Can," meaning that really the book is about succeeding in life. A hard hitting, practical view from a successful farmer, if this book scares you off, it will be the best reality check you ever spent. 480 pgs.

About the Author(s)

Joel Salatin

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Category: Science & Technology

Format: Book (Paperback)

Publisher: Polyface, Inc.

Date Published: Jun 01, 1998

Language: English

ISBN: 9780963810922

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