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Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think? (An Uncle Eric Book),Richard J. Maybury


Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think? (An Uncle Eric Book) (Book/ Paperback)

by Richard J. Maybury

Product Overview

Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This offers many insights. It teaches principles of economics and government in bite-sized nuggets, and gives indicators for spotting the philosophical slant of most writers and media commentators on the subjects of law, history, economics and literature.

Ages 12 through Adult.

Table of Contents for Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This?

Uncle Eric's Model of How the World Works
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Author's Disclosure
How to Use This Book
Evaluating Books
America's Founders
Negative Indicators Issue #1. The Great Depression
Issue #2. Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal
Issue #3. Progressive Taxes
Issue #4. Robber Baron Capitalists
Issue #5. Governments Aren1t Greedy
Issue #6. Child Labor Laws
Issue #7. Farmers Had Happier Lives
Issue #8. Poverty and Crime
Issue #9. Wage-and-Price Spiral
Issue #10. Needs of Society
Issue #11. Isolationism
Issue #12. Unions Saved Workers
Issue #13. Social Security is Beneficial
Issue #14. War
Issue #15. Sacrifice
Issue #16. The Founders Motives Were Corrupt

Misleading Terms

Positive Indicators
Indicator #1. Quality of Life
Indicator #2. Individualism
Indicator #3. Accomplishment Deserves Reward
Indicator #4. Higher Law Exists
Indicator #5. Heroes Use Brain Not Brawn
Indicator #6. Evidence vs. Opinion
Indicator #7. Objective Truth
Indicator #8. Tanstaafl
Indicator #9. Overcome Problems & Move Forward

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax
A Tribute to the Statue of Ellis Island
The Founding Fathers: Smugglers, Tax Evaders, and Traitors?
Recommended Authors
About Richard J. Maybury

About the Author(s)

Richard J. Maybury

Richard Maybury, also known as Uncle Eric, is a world renowned author, lecturer and geopolitical analyst. He consults with business firms in the U.S. and Europe. Mr. Maybury is the former Global Affairs editor of “Moneyworld” and widely regarded as one of the finest free market writers in America. MR. Maybury’s articles have appeared in “The Wall Street Journal,” “USA Today,” and other major publications. His "Uncle Eric" series of books books have been endorsed by top business leaders including former U.S. Treasury Secretary William Simon, and he has been interviewed on more than 250 radio and TV shows across America. He has been married for more than 39 years, has lived abroad, traveled around the world, and visited 47 states and 45 countries. He is truly a teacher for all ages.

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Category: Logic & Debate

Format: Book (Paperback)

Publisher: Bluestocking Press

Date Published: Jun 01, 2004

Language: English

ISBN: 9780942617535

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