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Restricted Nations: Eritrea,The Voice of the Martyrs, Michelle Waters


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Restricted Nations: Eritrea (Book/ Paperback)

by The Voice of the Martyrs, Michelle Waters

Product Overview

Eritrea, a young country, has had a troubled and violent history. When the nation achieved independence from Ethipoia in the early 1990s, the country's deliverers soon became despots--dismantling freedoms and making Eritrea one of the most closed nations on earth today.

In the midst of crackdowns and unrest, Christians in Eritrea continue to serve Christ and share the Good News. For this "crime," thousands of believers are imprisoned and detained without charge in underground cells and metal shipping containers, where they endure the most deplorable of conditions. Yet, despite this opposition, the church has not been silenced.

This book provides a brief overview of the persecution that Christians in Eritrea have endured in the past and gives a glimpse of the trials they face today. Weaving historical accounts with modern-day testimonies, these pages will challenge you to share in the sufferings of Christians in Eritrea and inspire you to serve Christ boldly, unashamed of the testimony of our Lord [2 Timothy 1:8].

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The Voice of the Martyrs, Michelle Waters

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Category: Evangelism & Apologetics

Format: Book (Paperback) (80)

Publisher: Living Sacrifice Book Company

Date Published: Mar 01, 2012

ISBN: 9780882640280

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