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YTH 5" Inch Electrical Flush Cutter, Thin Profile (5" Inch) (Office/ Cables & Cables Management)

by Loving Truth Books & Gifts

Product Overview

Very sharp, 5" inch electrical flush cutter with thin profile. Great for cutting smaller size wires, as well as various types of wire / plastic ties.

- Stainless steel
- Red insulated grips
- Spring loaded for ease of use
- General hardness: 45-50 HRC (Hardness, Rockwell C-scale)
- Cutting blade hardness: 58-60 HRC (Hardness, Rockwell C-scale)
- 22.5 degree bend, great for use in tight spaces
- Suitable for mechanical and electrical assembling, cutting and pealing of thinner electrical wire
- Not for use or cutting of very thick electrical wire or steel wire / cabling

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Loving Truth Books & Gifts

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Product Details

Category: Home, Travel, & Outdoors

Format: Office (Cables & Cables Management)

Publisher: YTH

Date Published: Feb 07, 2011

SKU: LT-2808

Dimensions: x x (in)

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