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George Whitefield: The Voice that Woke the World (Trail Blazers Biography),Lucille Travis



George Whitefield: The Voice that Woke the World (Trail Blazers Biography) (Book/ Paperback)

by Lucille Travis

Product Overview

George Whitefield's voice was the envy of many a professional actor. He could hold a crowd's attention like no other. But although he had wanted to be an actor as a young boy George's voice was used for greater things. After coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal saviour George went on to preach to many people in the United Kingdom, America and the world. He was the first to preach to the slaves of the United States. And it is estimated that he spoke more than 18,000 sermons during his life.

About the Author(s)

Lucille Travis

Lucille Travis has written several books for children, held children's writing workshops, taught college-level English, and lectured in Christian literature. Her interest in writing began as young girl living in an orphanage in upstate New York, and was encouraged when she received a bronze medal in a state-wide essay contest and later a poetry contest. One of her joys today is encouraging the efforts of young writers. She has also been involved in Children's Awana clubs as a story teller, and while telling the story of Dr. Paul Brand's work with lepers, especially his long search for shoes that would protect their feet, the idea for the book "The Shoes that Love Made" came about. The story of Paul Brand, missionary doctor to Lepers in India and eventually world-wide, shows us how Paul Brand's own feet were protected and guided even in war time on the very path he was to follow, one that would forever change how the world saw lepers.

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Category: Biography

Format: Book (Paperback)

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications

Date Published: Jan 09, 2012

Language: English

ISBN: 9781845507725

SKU: LT-2772

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