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The Indestructible Book: The Story of the Bible Hosted by Ken Connoly with Bonus Disc, The Martyrs Hosted by Luci Swindol,Ken Connoly, Luci Swindol


The Indestructible Book: The Story of the Bible Hosted by Ken Connoly with Bonus Disc, The Martyrs Hosted by Luci Swindol (DVD/ Documentary)

by Ken Connoly, Luci Swindol

Product Overview

Retrace the Historic Path of God's Word from Mt. Sinai to Plymouth Rock. Meet the scholars, teachers, and missionaries whose passionate faith preserved the Indestructible Book. From the ancient deserts of Israel to the shores of the New World, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE BOOK documents an incredible story of faith and sacrifice. This commentary by Bible scholar Ken Connolly tells of believers inspired by God to protect the Bible and carry its message of hope and salvation forward through the centuries. The Scriptures were banned, burned, and ridiculed by rulers of every age, from Roman emperors to English monarchs. Many who dared to read and share the Word met appalling deaths. Yet God's truth could not be crushed. The greatest worldly powers were no match for the mission of the apostles, crusaders, translators, reformers, preachers and printers dedicated to spreading the Gospel of The Indestructible Book.

Filmed on location in Israel, Europe, Britain and the U.S., THE INDESTRUCTIBLE BOOK captures the spectacular sweep of history with visual images as rich and varied as the story it unfolds. This digitally re-mastered two-disc set includes all four original VHS volumes, hosted by Ken Connolly.

Disc 1:

- God's Word to Man: How the Bible Began
- God's Word in English: A Bible for Common Man

Disc 2:

- God's Word and Sacrifice: Martyrs for the Bible
- God's Word: King James Bible to the Shores of America

Disc 3:

- The Martyrs

About the Author(s)

Ken Connoly, Luci Swindol

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Category: Bibles & Bible Studies

Format: DVD (Documentary)

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Date Published: Feb 21, 2006

Language: English

ISBN: 9780740309496

SKU: LT-2407

Dimensions: 5.50 x 7.50 x 0.50 (in)

Weight: 4.70 oz

Number of Disks: 3

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