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Advanced Chemistry Molecular Model Kit (150 Pieces with VSEPR Models),Mega Molecules LLC


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Advanced Chemistry Molecular Model Kit (150 Pieces with VSEPR Models) (Model/ Molecular)

by Mega Molecules LLC

Product Overview

When learning to visualize 3-D molecular structures, isomerism, and nomenclature, these models are essential. This Advanced General and Organic Chemistry Molecular Model set has 150 components including 5 VSEPR models (linear, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, trigonal bipyramidal, and octahedral) and 1 square planar model for building complex ions. The flexible links allow you to create single, double, and triple bonds. The instructions and pictures show you how to assemble the atom models. The clear case included for this set has two snap closures which prevents spills. The case is divided into eight compartments to keep the atom models and bonds conveniently sorted.

This Molecular Model Kit includes:

  • 14 black carbon atoms

  • 30 white hydrogen atoms

  • 8 red oxygen atoms

  • 4 blue nitrogen atoms with 3 valance

  • 1 blue nitrogen atom 4 valance

  • 2 yellow sulphur atoms

  • 2 green phosphorus atoms

  • 6 green chlorine atoms

  • 6 yellow flourine atoms

  • 6 orange bromine atoms

  • 6 purple iodine atoms

  • 1 silver alkali metal

  • 1 silver atom - linear

  • 1 silver atom - planar triangular

  • 1 silver atom - tetrahedral

  • 1 silver atom - trigonal bipyramidal

  • 1 silver atom - octahedral

  • 1 silver atom - squre planar

  • 44 gray links for single bonds

  • 14 longer gray links for double bonds

The model atoms are easily assembled to form molecules by sliding the links over the poles of the models using a twisting motion. The links represent bonds between the atoms. Kit recommended for ages 12 and up. Includes student activity with Teacher's Key/ Answer Guide.

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Mega Molecules LLC

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Product Details

Category: Science & Technology

Format: Model (Molecular)

Publisher: Mega Molecules LLC

Date Published: Jan 01, 2011

Language: English

ISBN: 9780982086902

SKU: LT-2019

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