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The Man Behind the Gun: Samuel Colt and His Revolver (Genius at Work! Great Inventor Biographies),Edwin Brit Wycoff


The Man Behind the Gun: Samuel Colt and His Revolver (Genius at Work! Great Inventor Biographies) (Book/ Hardcover)

by Edwin Brit Wycoff

Product Overview

Until the late nineteenth century, guns took a long time to load and could only make one shot at a time. But Samuel Colt invented a hand gun that held six bullets and could be fired without reloading every time. This changed weaponry forever.

Publisher indicates a 5th grade reading level but we at Loving Truth Books and Gifts would recommend this title for younger students as well. It is a Library Bound book with lasting quality an durability. If another format becomes available we will consider offering it also.

About the Author(s)

Edwin Brit Wycoff

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Category: Biography

Format: Book (Hardcover) (32)

Publisher: Enslow Publishers Inc

Date Published: Sep 01, 2010

Language: English

ISBN: 9780766034464

SKU: LT-1756

Dimensions: 7.75 x 9.25 x 0.25 (in)

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